Alien Breed : Impact – how not to do a remake

So i grabbed the demo for this from steam last night and played it quickly this morning – and quickly was all that was required.

I was a huge fan of Team 17 games back in the Amiga days… Assassin, project X, superfrog, Alien Breed…. classics

Unfortunately they seem to have lost it a bit when tyring to bring these to the current generation of hardware…. Project X2 back on the PS1 was terrible…. and Alien Breed : Impact…. at least the demo…. is not good either. The game play itself is just a  bit dull… and the constant reminders about how to buy the game just made me not want to buy it. Its pretty simple, if you want me to buy something, make it good, dont use Simpsons style super-liminal advertising on me….

The secret of monkey island 1 – now there was a good re-make…. take the original game, update the graphics, update the musical score, make it run smoothly on current platforms and throw in something to bring back memories of the original (in Monkey Island they threw in the ability to hit F10 and see the original, blocky as hell, graphics…. fantastic…)

One thought on “Alien Breed : Impact – how not to do a remake

  1. Agree with all this. Team 17 rocked. Yes, remake sucked. Yes the Monkey Island remake ruled.
    I’m more than happy with remakes that simply give me new graphics on the same engine and gameplay, don’t re-invent the wheel, it’s a classic for a reason. Unlike film, remakes have great potential in the game space because technology is always the limiting factor.

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