Active Directory in Windows 2012 – domain alias ?

So – ive been reading up on the features of Windows 2012, particularly around AD (dont get me wrong, the hyperV stuff looks awesome – but so much of our recent work has been around AD cleanup, migration and re-design, its kind of a focus right now)

The AD changes seem fairly minor, not bad, just minor. So, here is my, never to be heard plea to the AD development team:

Give me a way to present a netbios domain name alias.

So many of our clients have shitty domain names such as domain or local, or have been acquired/changed business names – and for their own reasons (reasons i dont necessarily agree with) want to present a different domain name to users. So much so, that we end up doing domain migrations that actually have no technical benefit for smaller/midsize places and for the larger places, it just gets put in the “too hard” basket.

I’m obviosuly not across all the complexities of implementing something like this, but its something that would address customer requests…. so if it turned up, it would be awesome. UPN suffixes – while a nice idea, i dont think ive run into a place yet that uses UPN’s to sign in.

Keeping along the same lines – forest root domains….. the fucking cancer that they are…. give us a way of collapsing these down into the resource domain instead of having to migrate up into the forest root.

Both of these aren’t going to happen – and i realise this… but these are realistically (now that AD recycle bin has a GUI) the last couple of major features missing from AD that we get asked for frequently.

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