A rare nice thing to say about NBN

The NBN (National Broadband Network) is an Australian nation building project which was announced in 2009 and was meant to be Australia’s savior from our terrible internet services.

Unfortunately, it became a political football instead – and has been fucked more times than all the porn stars in the world put together…. to the point where it is just a well-known running joke for all Aussies – even completely non-technical people are aware of how completely useless this project is.

However – while i, along with most other Aussies, still think the NBN has been a colossal failure – the people they have been sending out to fix the issues, once you actually get them to come on site – have been very good.

Let me be clear – it is still way harder than it needs to be to “convince” NBN there is an issue…. “try a different modem”, “how long is the cable”… all the same backwards, pointless, brain-dead questions that were being asked in the ADSL days. Especially when the issue is always, always, ALWAYS, always at the fucking pillar! (for FTTN)

But…  each time i have had to log a call due to connection drop outs, once i go through the pointless rigmarole and get someone to come out… the person has been really quite helpful… explaining where they found the fault (always at the node / pillar), what they did to fix it (attaching/re-attaching the cables), the tests they run, the speeds they got, the level of noise on the line etc.

Apparently i am on a retrofitted pillar and due to the way they are cabled, every time work is done, i (along with others) have a fair chance of having my copper knocked around…. yay!

so while the NBN as technical solution has been bastardised to all hell for political purposes…. well done to the NBN techs – who im sure are putting up with a lot of pointless sh*t from the type of people that think politicians are important, makes it even more impressive that you are able to deal with this mutated monstrosity of shit technical solution.

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