A good way of handling your “Bad” drivers

So – a many of you would have seen in my SCCM driver articles – I’m not such a fan of “Bad” drivers…..

Bad drivers are those that are not in an inf/sys/cat format, and are generally packaged and deployed in the same (or a similar) way to applications.

These types of applications can really bloat your task sequences with WMI queries to determine the model of each task (or group of tasks)

I was at a client today, getting drivers ready for a relatively large number of models and I was thinking “surely there is a better way to do the installs now based on conditions”…. a quick look around the available options didn’t turn up anything, but the fact that WQL was an option was a good sign…. like most people, instead of trying to find it for myself, I googled it first…. and voila…


The example given is for the Intel HD graphics app, but the method presented I used for all of my “bad” drivers so far, and it seems to be working.

Good stuff – Kenny Buntinx.

(yes, its been a while since I’ve done drivers! hence the lag between his post and this!)

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