64-bit gaming engines – its about time


considering its been impossible to buy a 32 bit processor for a number of years….

im also of the opinion that win8 should be 64 bit only……. as places that still have 32-bit only apps will still have the supported OS, Win7 to use for a number of years yet…. but meh – thats just my take on it.

5 thoughts on “64-bit gaming engines – its about time

    1. 1) they will stick with win 7
      2) they will run with emulation (such as XP mode)
      3) this will give them the kick up the arse to start re-writing their applications in a current technology

  1. I really hope so. I now work for a civil engineering firm and some of the software is written in VB6. The concept of enterprise computing is unknown to them much less “64 what?”

    1. the few engineering places ive worked at do seem to have more old stuff hanging around than other corporates – genrally (from what ive seen) as they have a $100k piece of software running CNC machines or the like…. but then it seems that the rest of the network is kept around the same technology era, instead of just not upgrading those specific machines…. not sure why… seems to be a mindset these places get into.
      Engineering/manufacturing is a shrinking industry space here in Aus – so i imagine its something were going to run into less and less in the coming years.